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The fact children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact music can make beautiful children… Cheryl Lavender

Group Music Classes for Kids

Group Music Classes for Kids

central coast Early learning group music lessonsEarly Learning Group Classes are a great way for young musical minds to expand their knowledge and musical understanding in a fun and interactive way.  Our kid's group class program is developed together with a...

Singing Lessons for Kids

Singing Lessons for Kids

central coast EARLY CHILDHOOD singing lessons Singing lessons for kids are rewarding and highly beneficial for a growing mind and body. a developing mind is a hungry mind and as a child grows their abilities to focus and absorb information changes quickly.  Our...

Piano Lessons for Kids

Piano Lessons for Kids

central coast EARLY LEARNING PIANO lessonsEarly Childhood piano lessons differ from a traditional piano lesson. They are designed with a young child in mind. The lessons are broken down into sections and focus on creating and engaging the childs mind holistically....

Singing Lessons for Beginners – One-on-One 

For some, learning to sing can be a little daunting… So it’s very important to have a positive & light-hearted environment! It is always great to work with determined beginners; but like all arts, singing lessons require practice, ambition & passion. We share your passion, so we want you to get the most from your lessons – that’s why we tailor our training structure to the individual. Our packages include the following essential items with your enrollment:
  • Vocal / Singing Lessons with our tertiary qualified staff – (one-on-one, for excellent results)
  • Elite Vocal Academy’s mp3 Vocal Exercises – tailored to development of vocal technique
  • Access to available studio resources – learning resources, instruments, books, sheet music etc.
Technical Skills Covered Include:
  • Breath Management and Breathing Control
  • Alignment/Posture/Core-Strength
  • Exploration of tonality
  • Twang & Belt – Vocal efficiency
  • Vocal Agility
  • Aural Training & General Musicianship
  • Sight singing
  • Range Extension (Higher & Lower)
  • Genre & Phrasing
  • Vocal Stamina Development
  • Tension Management
  • Vocal Health Instruction & Rehabilitation
  • Learn to Sing Twang
  • Multiple Singing Technique
  • Singing Programs with multiple Singing Teachers and Styles
  • Vocal Lessons
  • AMEB Training

Singing Lessons for HSC Students | Teens | Young adults

With teens & young adults, we introduce some simple pedagogy concepts for a developing vocal technique. Students learn aspects of singing like breathing, support, posture as well as gather an insight into how the voice works – the basis of any versatile singer. Song interpretation and selection are additional tools of importance for any young singers; whether you are an aspiring musician or HSC student looking for your best song/mark.


At Elite Music we are proud to offer full AMEB training and exam preparation. Full grading preparation for the AMEB exams. Singing and CPM courses and exams.

Advanced Vocal Coaching for Singers | Vocalists | Artists

Coaching for those serious about their craft and finding a career are handled on a case-by-case basis. We are firm believers that there cannot be a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to your unique sound. Lessons vary in content, frequency and duration according to what your goals and situation may be.

Vocal Training for Advanced Singers & Performers


A common concern we’ve come across with established Central Coast performers was the worry ‘too much training will ruin their individual sound. They do not want to become the cookie-cutter, perfect singer, and we agree! Training is about developing your sound, your brand, your identity. Expanding your skill set and stamina, in a way that enhances your individuality – this is key to success in a competitive industry. Singers are vocal athletes, requiring stamina, flexibility, strength and control – the more a voice is being used, the more important training is. Think of the athlete who trains exhaustively to make it to a professional level – when they get there, training does not stop; instead, training intensifies due to the increased demand on their body. Training for established performers generally includes:
  • Vocal Health & Hygiene – making sure you are always in good voice
  • Range & Repertoire extension
  • Managing the ever changing voice – guiding you through vocal maturity
  • Technique maintenance – you’d be surprised how many singers forget the importance of basic technique
  • Style/Genre coaching
  • Career advice
  • Vocal Development Stamina
  • Vocal Tension Management
  • Vocal Health Instruction & Rehabilitation
  • Learn Twang Vocal Techniques
  • Multiple Singing Technique
  • Singing Programs with multiple Singing Teachers and Styles
  • Vocal Lessons
  • AMEB Training
  With our versatile range of professional vocal coaches available, finding your “Right Vocal Coach” is easy at Elite Music. Singing Lessons Central Coast Tutorials – Premier vocal coaching studio.