Songwriting Lessons

Welcome to "Songwriting Lessons" at Elite Music. Our songwriting and music lessons are highly practical and give you real-world skills and training to become accomplished and a well-rounded musician. Our classes are broken into three areas, Songwriting, Composition and Music Arranging. Depending on your goals will determine which area you focus your studies in. These personal, one on one lessons are aimed and developed for students aged 12 and above. Elite Music tailors each lesson with your goals in mind. Regardless if you are studying as a professional, working towards your HSC, aiming to be a professional musician or if you are learning just for fun and enjoyment. Your music lessons are tailored exactly to your personal needs.
Young Adults: Our songwriting music lessons are perfect for young children 12 years and above, looking to improve confidence and learn new a discipline. Young Adults who learn the workings of music, develop creative thinking and the ability to mold and craft their own music. Its an excellent skill for those wanting to pursue a career in music. The knowledge to create original pieces of music is an incredibly rewarding skill set to have. Both personally and financially.
Adults: The study of writing and composing music is often left to later in life. Many musicians focus on the skills of performance and their instruments of choice and sometimes miss the construction and workings of music itself. Our focus at Elite Music is to teach those exact components in a highly personal tailored fashion, that allows the students to understand and craft their own songs or pieces exactly how they like. You learn to identify and capture your personal sound and write with intention and focus.

Music Arranging Lessons

central coast Music Arranging Lessons  What is Music Arranging Put simply it's having the skills and knowledge to craft and edit a piece of music with control and flexibility. Arranging a piece of music is an exciting and challenging skill. It requires the skills to...

Music Composition Lessons

central coast Composition Lessons  What is CompositionPut simply it's having the skills and knowledge to craft and edit a song with control and flexibility.Music composition has a very similar approach to songwriting, however, there are differences. Whilst a song is a...

Song Writing Lessons

central coast Songwriting Lessons What is Songwriting Put simply it's having the skills and knowledge to craft and edit a song with control and flexibility. Writing songs is the same as most crafts and skill sets. Its a solid and practised set of techniques and skills...

Semi-Professional & Professional Musicians

At Elite Music we are very proud of the calibre of teachers we employ. Boasting the very best teachers Australia has to offer in our very own local Central Coast-based Academy. Studies in Composition, Music Arranging and Songwriting gives you a solid understanding of how music is constructed and how to create original pieces of musical works. We offer AMEB exams in musicianship.