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Guitar Lessons Central Coast ‘s premier music school for guitar lessons, performance and coaching.

Learn to play for real. Learn about reading music. Learn to write. Become a musician, not a guitar hack.

Rock, Classical, Jazz, Acoustic Blues. CAGED or AMEB Lessons for serious musicians and kids.

You will focus on technique, music theory and work towards achievable milestones.

Mastering your goals is easier with a teacher by your side.

Elite Music is Proudly a Certified Creative Kids Provider

Guitar Lessons (Contemporary)

Guitar Lessons (Contemporary)

central coast CONTEMPORARY GUITAR LESSONSLeading the Central Coast in contemporary Guitar Lessons, we provide lessons aimed at developing accompanists, gigging musicians and songwriters. Our industry knowledge is your path from studio to stage. Contemporary Guitar...

Guitar Lessons (Classical)

Guitar Lessons (Classical)

Central Coast Classical Guitar Lessons Dedicated Classical Guitar teachers providing one on one lessons in Classical Guitar. Beginners, intermediate and advanced players, for adults and children, we provide lessons aimed at developing accompanists, gig musicians and...

Guitar Lessons (Jazz)

Guitar Lessons (Jazz)

central coast JAZZ GUITAR LESSONSLeading the Central Coast in Jazz Guitar Lessons, we provide lessons aimed at developing accompanists, gig musicians and songwriters. Our industry knowledge is your path from studio to stage. Jazz Guitar lessons are aimed towards...

Learn to play the guitar from the best teachers and coaches at Elite Music.

Taking guitar lessons is a great way to express yourself and expand your music education. There is nothing more rewarding than understanding what you are doing as you play. We see so many guitarists who are great players but miss that basic understanding and knowledge of what they are actually doing. Whether you are planning on taking music exams or just wanting to expand your knowledge of the guitar, taking Elite Music guitar lessons is more than just learning to play, Its learning music and how its applied to the guitar. There is a huge difference between the two. Guitar lessons for students of all ages, beginner to advanced. Guitar tuition, music tuition, and local Coast guitar experts. Elite Music teachers are highly qualified, catering to students of all ages, levels of experience and styles of music including Classical, jazz, rock, pop, metal and blues.


  • Sight Reading
  • Single note pieces
  • Open Chords
  • Bar Chords
  • Jazz Chords
  • How to spell a Chord
  • Strum Patterns
  • Chord Arpeggios
  • Simple melodies for progression
  • Chord Chart Reading
  • Tab Reading
  • Note Names and Chord Tones
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Interval and scale training
  • Musical Styles- Contemporary, Rock, Blues, Jazz
  • Access to Music and guitar Resources
  • Guitar Solos and Improvisation

AMEB Guitar Lessons

At Elite Music we are proud to offer full AMEB exam training and preparation. Full grading preparation for the AMEB exams. Singing and CPM courses and exams.

AMEB is short for Australian Music Examination Board. They are an Australian company who write and provide exams for Music, speech and drama. At Elite Music we have used these well-established programs for many decades. They are an excellent series of comprehensive and well-respected lesson syllabus and exam program.
AMEB examinations cover a wide range of skill levels from a "Preliminary" grade suitable for very young children through to academic degree-level diplomas, including the Associate in Music (AMusA), the Licentiate in Music (LMusA), and ultimately the Fellowship in Music (FMusA), this is a diploma that is often conferred on an honorary basis to musical luminaries.

We work with students one on one guiding them through the programs for guitar lessons in classical guitar, jazz guitar and contemporary popular guitar. Our teachers have an excellent understanding and a large level of experience taking students through these lessons and programs.
We understand not all students want to take exams and attain the grades, so we offer the lessons one on one with those students teaching them the styles and techniques but don't make the exams compulsory. It is up to you how you want to study.

Advanced Guitar Lessons:

The quest to master an instrument is an ongoing one. It’s a lifelong journey. One on one coaching and development is a passion of ours. Taking the wealth of knowledge you have already acquired and looking at new techniques and points of view can totally change the way you approach and perform music. Improvisation sessions and feedback bundled with new techniques and fundamentals build strong and great strides in your career.

  • Study of Modes
  • Advanced Scales
  • Complex Chords
  • Jazz Chords
  • Soloing
  • Soling Over Chords and Chord Progressions
  • Octaves and intervals
  • Sweep Picking, Speed Playing, Finger Tapping
  • Solo Guitar Playing

CAGED Guitar Lessons

CAGED technique is derived from the five open chords C A G E and D. This is a great way to learn and fully understand how the fretboard is laid out. The basic concept is to learn these five chords and from there branch out to other sections of the guitar neck. Once you learn these chords you learn where the root sits within each chord. Using these five chords teaches you how the root falls on each of the six strings.
Understanding the guitar neck is a great way to understand soloing and creates multiple options for how and what you play. CAGED technique is a great way to expand your options of where to lay what you play. There are no exams or grades associated with the CAGED technique, but it is an excellent tool to use and well worth studying.