Jazz Music Lessons

Welcome to "Jazz" at Elite Music. Our jazz style music lessons are highly practical and give you real-world skills and training to become an accomplished and well-rounded musician. The jazz style is aimed at students wanting to study an intermediate to advanced level of music. These styles include Acid Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Big Band, Contemporary Jazz, Cool Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Dixieland and more. These personal, one on one lessons are aimed and developed for enthusiasts and are catered more for experience rather than ages. Elite Music tailors each lesson with your goals in mind. Regardless if you are studying as a professional, aiming to be a professional musician or if you are learning just for fun and enjoyment. Your music lessons are tailored exactly to your personal needs.
Kids: Our Jazz style music lessons are perfect for teens and upward, looking to improve theory, discipline and technique in the Jazz music style. Children who read, write and play music, develop skills far beyond their years. Music develops creative thinking and fine motor skills. It is a great way to overcome shyness and prepares them to perform and speak in front of groups and on stage. The Jazz style of music is fun but challenging. There are many elements that need to be achieved before you acquire a full understanding of the style, but once achieved is incredibly rewarding.
Adults: To study music as an adult is an incredibly rewarding activity. The main challenges lay in letting go of preconceived ideas about learning and being able to find the freedom to accept a new way of thinking. As you progress through the Jazz style of music you will uncover an abundance of new skill, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Singing Lessons (Jazz)

central coast JAZZ singing lessonsSinging Lessons in a jazz style provide both a working knowledge of the voice as well as technique, exercises, scales and songs. Leading the Central Coast in Jazz Singing Lessons, we provide lessons aimed at developing accompanists,...

Piano Lessons (Jazz)

central coast JAZZ PIANO LESSONSJazz Piano is a style of piano that has been evolving for decades. Starting in the 1920's it has grown and developed as a solo style as well as a part of an ensemble. Leading the Central Coast in Jazz Piano Lessons, we provide lessons...

Guitar Lessons (Jazz)

central coast JAZZ GUITAR LESSONSLeading the Central Coast in Jazz Guitar Lessons, we provide lessons aimed at developing accompanists, gig musicians and songwriters. Our industry knowledge is your path from studio to stage. Jazz Guitar lessons are aimed towards...

Semi-Professional & Professional Musicians

At Elite Music we are very proud of the calibre of teachers we employ. Boasting the very best teachers Australia has to offer in our very own local Central Coast-based Academy. Studies in Jazz music give you a firm and solid understanding of Jazz music from all jazz-era's of music. We offer AMEB exams is all instruments related to the Jazz style. Including Singing Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, Piano Lessons and Musicianship.