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Elite Music is the premier music education and training academy on the Central Coast. Our selection of teachers are the most highly skilled, educated and experienced music professionals in their chosen discipline.

Our Mission…..

To create the premium education facility focused on Music, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Songwriting and Composition, and allow access to all students wanting to improve their talents to the highest standards.

Our Focus…..

We have an incredibly strong focus on holistic education. Learning to read and write music effectively is at the cornerstone of our teaching. We believe attaining a high level of music literacy is the strongest foundation for building practical skills and technique. All musicians, singers, guitarists, pianists, and composers should be able to read and write music. It is the dominant form that music is communicated in and a strong understanding of how music works, helps to create an effortless performance of the medium.

Education and music is our passion and we provide the very best teachers, coaches and educators. Our dedication to consistent training and improvement allows you access to the latest principles and training techniques available.

Elite Music provides Music lesson for Adults, Children, Professional and Amateurs. Our teachers are all highly trained and passionate professionals teaching and working in the music industry, giving us the experience and skill to teach, coach and advise across all genres of music, theory and performance.

Elite Music Academy runs a two-semester teaching year, we break at Christmas for a short three-week period.

One on one lessons provide the fastest way to your success and allow professional, personal and tailored coaching to attain your goals.


Original, expression, fundamentals of composition.


The study of new, modern and original music.

Music HSC Tutoring

Support, knowledge, confidence, assurance.


Traditional, true form, exsquisit techniqe and classic music.


Improvisation, cool, alternative rhythm, complex music

Kids Programs

Fun, educational, musically establishing programs.

Hard Work Beats Talent – When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

World-class Educators

World class teachers with amazing qualifications and experience. True educators with a passion for knowledge and the expertise in passing it down to their committed students.


“Elite Music” – Central Coast Academy – producing world-class performers and professional musicians

our Passion

Our passion is education, performance and creating amazing musicians


“I just want to say that you’ve been such an amazing and dedicated teacher. In only 3 classes I’ve learnt so much, it’s all so interesting! I ’ll be telling the people I know how good a teacher you are, and how amazing that space is.

Thank you so much, I’m very grateful for your time and patience with me.”


“Thank you so much for all your time and patience, you gave me more than just lessons, you also gave me valuable life lessons. I am really thankful for everything you have done.”


“The concert was wonderful, an absolute credit to all your efforts and your team which just reinforced what a great choice we made sending Soph to you and your school.”

Sophia, Larissa and Greg

“It was AMAZING!!! …Lots of wet eyes and tears of happiness. I got through it perfectly and will tell you more on Wednesday. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance AND teaching me… there is absolutely no way I could have done it without you!!!

Terri xxx

Just wanted to thank you all for another wonderful year, I know Sybella has learn ‘t  a lot. We really enjoyed last night’s concert, it was wonderful to see all the students doing so well.

It was such a pleasure to receive your report which made it very clear in a real sense that there have been significant gains. You have a rare balance of tapping into your students interests and building up their confidence, with a deep knowledge of your subject field.  Add to that your passion and generous spirit and it is clear you will be making a great many lives much fuller.
Many thanks for everything


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