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HSC Tutoring and Music Lessons Central Coast ‘s leading music studio for personal music tutoring lessons.

Education is the key to success...

HSC Music Tutoring – One-on-One 


We share your passion, so we want you to get the most from your lessons – that’s why we tailor our training structure to the individual.

Studying for your HSC doesn't have to be a daunting task. In our experience understanding the core concepts as well as how to write your answers is all it takes. Your focus in understanding the 6 core concepts of music and then knowing the difference between a band 1 and a band 6 answer prepares you to be confident going into your exams.

Here is what we will focus on during your time here. 







Gaining a solid understanding of these concepts is crucial whilst doing your HSC exams, but more so being able to write your answers with full knowledge of what makes a band 6 answer will cement an excellent score and result on your HSC.

Study one on one with our HSC expert teachers and coaches where we take your HSC just as seriously as you do.


At Elite Vocal we are proud to offer full AMEB training and exam preparation. Full grading preparation for the AMEB exams. Singing and CPM courses and exams.


Singing Lessons for HSC Students | Teens | Young adults

Song interpretation and selection are additional tools of importance for any young singers; whether you are an aspiring musician or HSC student looking for your best song/mark.