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What is Composition

Put simply it’s having the skills and knowledge to craft and edit a song with control and flexibility.

Music composition has a very similar approach to songwriting, however, there are differences. Whilst a song is a musical composition, a musical composition is not necessarily a song. For instance, film score is a musical composition, game score is a musical composition. Where a song will have a particular format and lyrics, a musical composition can also build to a different point. A composition doesn’t have to end and button up nicely like a song does. A composition doesn’t have to comply to the strict boundaries of a traditional song. It is free to flow and move as the creator intends. A composition is creates a very specific feel, mood and tension at very exact points in time. unlike a song that will have a general over all feel.

Composing music is the same as most crafts and skill sets. Its a solid and practiced set of techniques and skills that allow you to create, edit and change a complete piece of music to make it do exactly what it is intended to do. Songwriting is a set of skills and techniques you apply to create, edit or rework a song. The better your command of these techniques, the quicker and easier you can create exactly what you need. The better you get the faster you can create your perfect ideas.


1. You create a brief. A brief is the purpose of the song or track, it may be for an album, an EP, a piece of television or media or to appear with supported graphics. Sometimes briefs are given to you by a producer, another artist or yourself for your own original work. Sometimes it needs to fit footage and sometimes its just for fun.

2. You decide your form, function and flow. These are elements in a song that set the speed, dynamic, emotional movement and structure. These elements are used to determine the length of a song and where the high and low points are.

3. You apply the colour elements.
These are chord inversions, melodies, bass lines, harmonies and instrument parts. These elements work together to create the moods and emotional movement of a song. 


  • Rhythm
  • Technique and Technical Exercises
  • Song Structure
  • Form and Function
  • Chord Spelling
  • Melody Structure and Composition

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