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Singing lessons for kids are rewarding and highly beneficial for a growing mind and body. a developing mind is a hungry mind and as a child grows their abilities to focus and absorb information changes quickly.  Our lessons for children under the age of 6 are different. The programs we develop engage with young children on a level they understand and enjoy.

Early Childhood singing lessons are fun, engaging and suited for kids ages 3 to 6 years. 

Lesson focus…

The focus of early childhood singing lessons is fun and appreciation of music. Our programs are designed to educate and expose kids to the amazing world of singing and music. The lessons are not a traditional singing lesson. They are one on one with a highly qualified teacher, engaging them with games and fun exercises, all whilst learning and exercising singing techniques, learning about musical notes, and rhythm . These early childhood lessons prepare the groundwork for more formal singing lessons and give children a solid foundation for music and singing.




The voice is the perfect instrument for combining creative discipline with the development of a youthful mind. Our programs allow kids the interpretation of music and the freedom to sing, analyse and perform some music of their own!

Our packages include the following essential items with your enrollment:

  • Early Childhood Singing Lessons with our tertiary qualified educators – (one-on-one, for best results)
  • Access to available studio resources – learning resources, instruments, books etc.
  • Take home materials as needed.
  • Children are required to bring a bottle of water and a plastic sleeve folder to keep music and sheets.


  • Rhythm
  • Basic Singing Technique
  • Basic Technical Exercises
  • Music symbols
  • Music appreciation 
  • Basic Theory of Music
  • Fun Games 
  • Colouring and basic written work

Right now is the perfect time to book in! Speak to our friendly staff or book your spot online for an initial consultation with our highly qualified classical singing teachers. 

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