The magic of music

Here is a fascinating look into one way our memories work with music.
We all know that music moves us. There is something uniquely incredible that it does to us. It makes you sing, dance and some people dedicate their entire lives to mastering it. But an incredibly interesting study recently explores the effects music has on memory.

ASMR or Autonomous sensory meridian response is an experience like a static charge that begins at the neck and moves down the spine (like tingles). A recent study by The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease showed how the part of the brain responsible for ASMR gets lost to Alzheimer’s. As Alzheimer’s tends to put people into layers of confusion this study shows how music can sometimes bring people out of this state.

Below is a touching story showing the power of music and how once it touches us, it stays with us forever. Enjoy and share.


Jeff Anderson, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in Radiology at the Univerity of Utah Health and a contributing author on the study, says  “In our society, the diagnoses of dementia are snowballing and are taxing resources to the max. No one says playing music will be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but it might make the symptoms more manageable, decrease the cost of care and improve a patient’s quality of life.”